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Sep 16 15 8:37 PM

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I've got both games needed on Steam but it won't find GT Legends for some reason :/
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Dec 13 15 10:48 PM

Same problem... "It seems you have never played Steam's GT Legends. You need to run it at least once before installing this mod." any help? I have the game purchased on steam.

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Feb 13 16 6:32 AM

I'm having exactly the same issue, I originally posted in completely the wrong part of the forum ( ) any help would be much appreciated =)

*edit; Wow I must be blind. I just noticed the sticky at the very top of this forum. Hopefully that works ;)

*Edit 2 Yup all working fine now. The installer should prob just ask where GTL is installed just like it asks where rFactor is installed, it'd save a lot of confusion =)


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