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Jan 18 16 6:23 PM

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(I realized that I put this in the wrong forum, so I moved it.)
Hello, I was trying to install HistorX today but I found an issue. After finding out that I need to have GT Legends installed on my computer, I went and bought it on Steam. Because that I was losing hard drive space, I installed it into a My Passport flash drive connected to my computer.  

I followed the instructions thoroughly after that. I've installed the rFactor Lite into another directory only 2 folders away from GT Legends and that's where HistorX was supposed to be installed to. When I was met with a prompt saying that GT Legends was required and needed to scan my hard drive to search for it, I simply clicked okay. Then, it said that it wasn't able to find it... which was weird. I tried scanning again but I gave up.

Can somebody help me?
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