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Jun 21 14 11:16 AM

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Hi at all members and enthusiast riders... and sorry for my english image

I have a original copy of rFactor installed in drive D\Giochi (x86)\rfactor and GT Legends original game (cd version) in drive D\Giochi (x86)\GT Legends too, but I decide to download rFactor original light game v.1255c_lite (as suggested by the manual) and follow the instruction for install a new standalone version of game, in another directory and with a different name.

At the end of installation in drive D I have this path... D:\Giochi (x86)\Historic GT & Touring Cars.
In this directory there is a Historic GT v1.96 rfactor Mod.

Follow the manual instruction again I imported in the mod my Userdata profile and Userdata controller from original rFactor game.
After this I delete all .cch files from Userdata (my) profile, then open config.ini and correct path for the gamedata location situated in original rFactor game.
Have cancelled all GameData\Sound folder, except the HistoricGT folder too.

At this point I execute rF Config and setting italian languages and 5760x1080 graphic resoution for my 3 monitor configuration (ATI Eyefinity System) and I also modified the control.ini file (for steering wheel range, steeering wheel speed ratio and FFB) and myprofile.PLR. 

Finally I have setting a G27 mod profile in the Logitech Profiler software and launched a game but... the game start with a rFactor default startup screen and I do not see any trace of MOD!
What could have happened?
I have followed carefully and scrupulously all the manual instructions but instead of mod there is a rfactor with All Tracks and Vehicles and SR Gran Prix Season series only!

There is a solution to this problem?

I await news and many thanks for your reply!

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Jun 23 14 4:09 PM


well, clearly something happened during the installation of the mod. I'd suggest you to remove any trace of it on that standalone version (you'll find to do it in the mod's manual) and install it once more following the instructions. It's not clear to me what went wrong so I'd suggest also:

Before starting the installation of the mod won't be a bad idea to test that standalone rF installation starting up rFactor. Make sure it start ups correctly and that you're able to drive an ISI default car in any of the tracks present in your main rF installation (as you know you have to open the config.ini file of your standalone rF installation and edit the following line TracksDir=rfactor_installation_where_the_tracks_are_installed/GAMEDATA/LOCATIONS/ . Keep in mind you should use the backslash, not the "/" I've used here. Doing this you don't need to install all tracks again in the standalone folder).

Once you've checked the standalone installation is OK it's time to install the mod. To do so please use as installation target that rFactor standalone folder (remember to use it in both installer 1 and 2, as this mod requiers both parts to be installed in order to run properly). Before installing the mod I'd suggest to change that rF standalone folder name without spaces and that "&" symbol. Just in the case... Rename it as "HistoricGTTC", for example. Check the installer to see if the installation has been successful.

Check now if the mod works (it should!). Let us know how it went :)


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Jun 23 14 4:55 PM

OK Rantam...

I have uninstalled all trace of the mod and then reinstalled rFactor lite in a HistoricGT directory (D:\Giochi (x86)\HistoricGT)
After this I tried if the game works... Yes, work correctly.

So I proceeded carefully again with the process installation Mod, followed all the steps... one by one... at the end...

- I have copied both “\Userdata\my_profile” and “\Userdata\Controller” folders located in my old rFactor installation to the new “HistoricGT\Userdata” and overwriting all;
- I have deleted all .cch files inside “HistoricGT\Userdata\my_profile and deleted the Settings folder also.
- I have opened the config.ini file located in my new rFactor folder (D:\Giochi (x86)\HistoricGT) with Notepad and changed the path to point this mod to use tracks from my old rFactor folder: "D:\Giochi (x86)\rFactor\GameData\Locations\";
- I have deleted all the content inside the HistoricGT \GameData\Sounds, except the HistoricGT folder;
- I have executed the “rF Config.exe” included on my new rFactor folder (HistoriGT) and chosen a Italian languages;
- I have changed the icon associated to rFactor.exe using one of the HGT&TC icons provided with the mod;
- I have configurated a Logitech G27 profile for the mod with racommended settings;
- I have edited and corrected my controller.ini file for Steering wheel and FFB options;
- finally I have edited and corrected the .PLR file in my profile.

Then I proceeded with various Mod configuration... wheel controller, RealFeel Plugin and ForceFeedback in controller.ini file, and .PLR file too.

At the end I tried to launch the game but... this, as before, runs as rFactor and there is no trace of the Mod...!
The game start with a rFactor default startup screen and allows me to choose only from two options: All Tracks and Vehicles (H6 - 2005 Howston, Kodi - 2005 ZR, Ronin AW - 2005 Hammer) and SR Gran Prix Season... I can choose any track, but  when I drive I do not hear any sound!

I'm going crazy... and I'm not a pc rookie!

LAST NEWS: by the way... I tried to install the previous version of the mod (v1.95)... the result is that I think these problems are caused really by the new Mod with windows7 64bit! Infact performing the installation Mod v1.95 the Historic GT works without problems... Meanwhile I'm using this old version, but I hope that some problem with windows7 64bit will be solved soon by HistorX Mod Team!
there is a way to upgrade directly from version 1.95 to 1.96?

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Jul 10 14 10:41 PM

Hi again,

first of all I'm sorry to say there's no upgrade from 1.95 to 1.96.

And no, the problem is not the installer being run under Windows 7 64 bit. That's the OS I've been using for years now and I haven't had any problems with the installer running properly.

It seems the steps you did are correct, I don't see anything wrong there. But for sure the installation of the mod is going wrong. The only cases where I've seen something like this would be when people is trying to install the mod without having enough free disk space where the TEMP folder of your OS is located (usually that would be C: if there is where your OS is installed). You will need a lot of disk space available there (If it's the same partition where the mod is being installed I'd say no less than 20 GB). Keep in mind that only the /GameData/Vehicles/HISTORIC GT folder needs 7.46GB on disk and contains 12889 files, and then we have the sounds (2.95 GB; 3456 files), talent files, etc! Please check if you have that amount of files on these folders. If not that would indicate that the installation wasn't completed properly.

Remember that you may install the v1.96 on an empty folder (you can override the rF folder installation detection and install the mod anywhere else) to do that installation test. If you got all the files you can move everything afterwards to a real rF installation and the mod should work properly.

Give that a try and let me know how it went.


Ps. Is the CRC check of both installers correct? You may redownload the installers again to avoid the problem being caused by corrupted installers.


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Jul 26 14 1:20 PM

Where is the installer looking for GT Legends? My installation directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GT Legends, you're installer doesn't work. It doesn't find my GT Legends, even though i have played it! ERROR! I have sent this to your facebook aswell!

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Jun 22 16 11:59 PM

Sorry to bump an old post, but i have the same problem.
Have you found a solution?

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