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Oct 17 16 10:22 AM

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All, I have a question regarding modding v1.96 (rF1), but using existing (and unchanged) HistorX files for everything bar the skins. 

I had an idea that I tried at home, where I took an existing engine file (unchanged apart from a unique name), and dropped it into another chassis (unchanged apart from name as well). I'm not talking putting a Daytona engine into a Mini or anything crazy like that, I kept it within the same manufacturer purposely to produce something a bit lower powered to simulate an "earlier" version of an existing Historx car. And as I say, I have changed precisely zero settings, constants numbers, text etc besides file names and references to those file names.

It seems to work, and I wanted to obtain the permissions I need, or to find out where's best to get them, before I can give this to a few people to test out. I respect all your hard work on v1.96, and as some of us will be running it for the forseeable future, wanted to do this the right way, if it's even possible, even though you might be focusing on v2.0 right now.

Thanks in advance

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