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Jun 1 16 9:35 AM

Hi everyone,

I've got exactly the same problem as everyone.

It says I have never played my steam copy of GTL, although I have...

Any help appreciated :)

Thanks in advance,


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Nov 26 16 10:23 AM

I've got tried installing GTL in the default directory and it the Mod installer still gets stuck at the checking steam library part. It'd be nice if we could tell it where to look just like we can with the Rfactor install. Is there some other legit way to get this working?

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Feb 12 17 8:01 PM


I've got the same problem as many others here. I've installed GTL correctly at the partition (D:/) of my Steam client. Unfortunately the installer says that i have to start the game for the first time, although i did this already. Reinstalling the game didn't help aswell.
I'd be very thankful for a solution

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Mar 16 17 4:54 PM

Same Problem here, can u help me please?

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