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Jul 1 08 10:15 AM

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Let's imagine you've created a new GT40 skin you want to add as a new standalone car which will be #987.

This is one of the ways to add this new skin as a standalone:

- Create a duplicate of one of the already existing GT40 folders. (ex. 420)
- Paste inside your new skin (ex: and delete the old one (
- Wdit all the names of the files you'll find inside, changing any "420" for that "987" you're using for your new car. So, instead a GB420.veh you should have a GB987.veh, instead a you should have a and so on.
- Open the .veh file and be sure to change the line DefaultLivery="" to DefaultLivery="". This must be the file name of the skin you've created.
- Then change the number, team, driver, etc at your will. Keep in mind that if you don't change the team the new car will appear in the same team of the original 420.

There're other ways to do it and you can personalize your new car even more, but I think this might work as a start point for you.

In the case you need more detail about this process don't hesitate to take a look to this tutorial about how to add new standalone car to Historic GT & Touring Cars mod (Thanks to ODS-SdP for the link)
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Feb 6 09 5:28 PM

does it always necessitate the removal of one of the skins already available in the game?

by that I mean is it possible to add unlimited numbers of skins i guess?

if there is a limit what is it?


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Jul 27 09 11:47 PM

im in.. as for the limit on skins, my rF will allow 7or8 skins per vehicle, after that any extra skins wont be displayed.. im also using xUi but am not sure if that effects the list limit..

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#5 [url]

Jul 28 09 6:23 PM

You're talking about skins or standalone cars ?

The method given by Rantam create a standalone car. So normally no limits.

If you just add local skins in the skin directory, then it's possible that there is a limit. | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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#8 [url]

Nov 22 15 9:03 PM

Tried to make skin, dds-messup? What am i missing?

So, i made a couple of skins for HistorX since i think its missing a bunch of Alfa-skins. The below pic is Nanni Gallis 1967 1600 GTA (not original size). I foloowed the steps in the readme carefully renaming everything in order.


Still i get this, when loading the car (which comes up just fine in the list).


What gives?

Any help is appreciated!

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