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Jul 21 08 3:38 PM

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after the release of Historic GT & Touring Cars a lot of people has contacted us asking how to donate us some bucks, so we have decided to do a "public statement".

We do not accept donations. We explain why below

Neither these ads you can see in this forum give us any money, as this forum is free and the company which offers this service include them automatically to pay the hosting.

But if you want to go a bit further and you've decided to donate some bucks we kindly ask you to do it to some of the following simracing community sites, even if you have done it before, as if you were donating directly to us.


- We do this for the fun of doing it and there is not any kind of economical interest behind. This is our way of paying tribute to all these great cars, manufacturers and brands, as well as to everyone who help to keep these beauties 'alive', so others can enjoy them.

No need to say about how glad we are of receiving your support, in the form of forum's posts or emails, or to get your votes on the rFactorCentral's Hall of Fame/Mod of the year. But probably what we consider even better is seeing you still using it, no matter if you do it in a league, public servers or offline. All that is more than enough

- Other reason is that we think these sites are vital for the simracing community and have supported our project from the beginning (even without having any direct relation with us or any of our members). Some of them are just individuals who pay the bills with their own money, so if we all are using their services in some way, shouldn't we all support them? Otherwise we may lose them someday.

So please, click and donate these bucks you wanted to donate us to some or to all of them. We're sure that will benefit the full simracing community, including us

(After that please contact us and we'll add an special tag to your forum avatar)



And of course, lot of thanks!!!

We hope you will still having fun with the mod and the future releases
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