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#21 [url]

Apr 2 13 8:28 AM

I have to say that not that I'm aware of. Sadly we can't create it either, as these tracks are created by different modders and we don't have permission to do such thing.


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#23 [url]

Apr 17 13 6:33 PM

Here's a list of all the tracks in the 1st post. I made this list for myself to easily download them all. Hope someone else finds it useful...

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#30 [url]

May 5 14 5:36 PM

Also, after downloading Nordschleife I found it was named wrongly in HISTORIC GT.rfm. It was listed as "24h" but in the version I downloaded it was called "Ring_24h" so change that in the rfm file and it works fine. Maybe the modders changed it?


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