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Aug 20 08 8:21 AM

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If you want to start modelling these are the tools used usually. Install all of them to start modelling for rFactor:

- 3D Max v8, v9, v2009, v2010 and v2011, being the last one the recommended, as it's the more powerful and stable (the x32 versions are the only ones able to generate rFactor's .gmt files). There's also a free version of Max called gMax which is useful to learn how Max works and do your first models. It doesn't support ISI tools though.

- ISI Public Tools and 3D Max plugins. Includes the plugins needed to import and export models between rFactor and 3D Max, as well as documentation and other useful tools. The process to make them work with Max takes some time so I've created a pack which will let you install these plugins easily. Just download the one for your 3DMax version and uncompress it into your 3D Max folder:

Anyway, download the official ISI Tools to get the documentation about the plugins, as well as other useful tools (.mas extractor & gmt viewer)

- nVidia's DDS plugin for 3D Max. With this plugin you'll be able to use .dds image files in Max.(If you're using Windows Vista or 7 you'll need a beta version of this plugin, available at Nvidia dev forum

- Virtua_LM's .mas explorer. Despite ISI tools include the official .mas uncompress/compress utility, this Virtua_LM's one is faster to use and can be integrated with Windows.

Other applications, as 3DSimEd or ZModeler, are very useful to work with models, tracks, etc. also, and may help you to work easier on certain conditions, as they are optimized to work with sim models.

But 3D Max is the application considered as "standard" for modellers, so we recommend to learn to use it

You'll find videos and other tutorials about how to use it on this forum also.

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Dec 14 08 1:25 AM

(Taken from

3D artists make in-game players / weapons / vehicles and inanimate props. Animators make the 3D artists creations come alive. This is something you can learn (to an extent) as many have done - the key is knowing the limitations of the engine you are building for. Older ones don't support much, new ones pretty much allow anything. So if working with blocks is your kinda thing - this is the task for you.

Tools of the Trade:
Industry standard is 3D Studio Max. But for those that don't have thousands stashed away to buy this complicated product, there are many other applications available including Maya, Lightwave, SoftImage and MilkShape 3D.

Useful Skills:
Like 2D artists having creativity and natural ability is important. 3D modeling is predominately a PC based activity so solid PC skills are required. Animators have to know as much as the modeler and more. You have to know how the model moves (its skeleton) and be able to translate this into a believable (realistic) motion. Nothing looks worse than a great model which looks like it has a firecracker wedged where it shouldn't be when it is trying to run.

3DS Max -
Used by most industry professionals, 3DS MAX is a powerful tool for any of your modeling, animating, and rendering needs.

Maya 3D -
Another powerful program used by industry professionals, and is rated by even most modders to be equally, if not more powerful than 3DS Max. The choice really rests with you regarding which you feel most comfortable with. Both programs are highly recommended.

MilkShape 3D Editing Software -
This software is used to edit the characters in the games Half-Life, Quake I, II, and III, and Unreal Tournament.

Autodesk Motionbuilder -
A very intuitive and complex animation program that is used by many industry professionals, especially for FMV sequences. Motionbuilder is the defacto standard for creating real-time 3D character animations.

Lightwave -

Bryce -

Turbo Squid GMAX (free) -
The free version of 3dsmax that is missing much of the paid versions features, but is one of the more-preferred modeling programs. This version of Gmax, Turbo Squid, is specifically tiered towards modifying game content.

Maya PLE (free)-
More great free software from Maya. The only criticism is that it pastes "Maya PLE" over the background of your model.

Blender 3D (free) -

Moray (free) -

Softimage|XSI Mod Tool (free) -
The mod tool provides modders with much power when it comes to crafting content for their game (it can even be used for standalone products).

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Apr 11 09 4:28 PM

It works!!

at least to open .gmt files in 3D Max.

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Feb 25 11 7:51 PM

I have installed your plugin pack for Max 2011 but I cant seem to get the importer to work. Would that be because I need to wait for ISI to produce another update for Max 2011, or is it possible that I have done something wrong.

The error I get is that when I try to import a gmt file its tells me that there is an unable to convert: undefined to type:integer

When I double-click on the Gmotor material it shuts down max.

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#7 [url]

Mar 3 11 7:49 PM


well, hard to tell what could be the problem with that little bit or information. Did you install the plugin pack correctly?

Anyway, have you checked the thread where i explain how to import a model to 3DSMax?

¿Have you checked if you can see that .gmt in other 3D program like 3DSimEd (you can download a demo) or ZModeler? Just to discart a problem in the .gmt itself.


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