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Jan 11 09 6:47 AM

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the new ui! It rocks the house!

I was in the garage and tried to adjust brake pressure UP and could not get the arrow to become 'active' (I was not at the upper limit). I found the same thing happening with the handbrake pressure setting. 'Down' works fine on both. I was using an 04 lightweight Jag, fyi.

Is this me/my setup or is it a little bugger that slipped through the cracks?

Again, great looking new ui. Thanks so very much for all the hard work!

aka, GPzMike
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Jan 11 09 7:44 AM

I just saw this and tried it myself, Your right if you adjust the pressure down it won't allow you to adjust it back up again, all the other arrows seem to work OK though.

(edit) It's the same on the TVR also, so not just the E-Type.

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Jan 11 09 10:13 PM

Sorry guys, i was out of home all the day and didn't see this until know.

Yes, you're right. There's a bug in these controls.

Here's a fix for it (80 Kb). Just download and uncompress inside the rFactor folder where HGT&TC is installed.

I'm going to reload also the full UI (with the fix included), so the future downloads won't have this issue.

Thanks for your support.


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Mar 9 09 12:37 PM

Hi all,

I have just installed the new UI, which looks very nice by the way. I have come across a similar problem to that of the those above.

When setting up the Mustang, you cannot adjust the weight distribution to the rear without it changing the diff "power" settings.

One other thing i noticed in the Mustang set up is the rear springs, the lowest setting for those is differnt from left to right. Not sure if this is intentional or not

Still one of the best mods out there though

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Mar 21 09 11:23 AM

ODS-SdP wrote:
Just a question:

For many cars, a lot of sets are not available. Is that also a UI bug ?
I can understand that the "turbo pressure" cannot be set on a Lotus Cortina
But there a lot of other "standard sets" that aren't available...

which ones would you define as "standard sets" that aren´t available?
I know some cars didn´t have some things, but maybe you are right and in some cars there are bugs.
So which ones do you mean?


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Mar 21 09 12:54 PM

With a lot of cars, you cannot at least change the gear ratios. Usually only the final. But on some cars, you can change the reverse gear ratio: ok, can be funny, but probably not very used

Also for steering locks (F/R)

Some examples:

For the Cortina you cannot change gear ratios, but you can do what you want with brakes (including handbrake)
Weight distribution cannot be adjusted
Packers like fast bump and fast rebound cannot be ajusted but the ride height can be set.

In a GT40, you cannot change gear ratios, except the final and reverse gear.
Weight distribution can be adjusted (F/R and L/R)
Fast bump, fast rebound and Packers cannot be ajusted, but all the other suspension sets can be changed.

In a BMW you can channot change the gear ratios, same for the radiator or weight distribution, but for suspensions, you can do more or less what you want. But no chance to change the caster or the ride height.

Maybe it's "normal", but it's difficult (at least for me ) to understand (as example) why you could change some part of the gearbox (final, reverse) and cannot change the other gears. Or why you can change all the suspension sets, but not the packers or ride height.

I agree that some adjustements would be very difficult to do in a race weekend. But, when you drive a race car for the second time on a specific track, you should have learned from your first race and should be well prepared and do not have the same "basics" when you arrive for pratice as the first race. So in fact, you would change thos sets, perhaps not during the weekend but before being on the highway in the direction of the race weekend | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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Mar 31 09 11:35 AM

Every car has it's own personality, not ingame, but in real life... all we did is give the cars some set up parameters and those that were a bit off the scale in realism or thought that they wouldn't neccesarily be in the real car, were excluded. At least on my part ('65 cars)! ;)

"Do the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong." - Colin Chapman

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Mar 31 09 3:42 PM

It makes sense when individual gear ratios can't be changed, but I'd like to suggest a greater range of values for the final drive ratios. E.g. at Sebring I feel the minimum drive ratio of the Pantera is too high.

With that car I also noticed the minimum brake pressure was quite high, but I like to set it really low so I can run without ABS (which includes a weight penalty).

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