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Jan 16 09 12:55 PM

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I find the sound of the roaring wind to be too 'scratchy'. It seems as if the sound has been loudened beyond the range of... something or other.

I've just found a free wind sound here:

There are probably quite a few other samples on that site.
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Dec 23 11 2:42 AM

Having driven a couple of the open top cars in v1.9, I notice that the original sound is still being used.

windleft3, windleft and windright are the guilty files. Having browsed the 'secondary' folder I noticed there is a windrush_in file, which sounds very good.
Alternatively, I've uploaded a looped version of the file I found on freesound:
If that were to be used, credit should go to freesound's ERH.

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#3 [url]

Dec 23 11 12:46 PM

Thanks for that, R Soul, we will let our sounds' guy take a look at it and act accordingly ;)

"Do the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong." - Colin Chapman

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