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Jan 20 09 2:42 PM

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First up let me say I think the new user interface is great. The writing is so much easier to read. Congrats to all.

Watching the intro through again reminded me of two small errors that I noticed first time around.

5th line: When racing was in its GOLD years.

I feel it should read GOLDEN years. (But not critical)

Most importantly:

6th line: Driving was a way of LIVE

Should be LIFE


This now is just my personal taste, but I feel the intro music comes in with too much of a BANG.

I find this a little off putting. This is why I instantly skip the intro.

If the volume came up gradually or there was a short instrumental interlude before the Choral I think it would be more pleasing on the ear.

Once again, just my personal opinion.

I would like to qualify my criticism by the fact that I am a musician of over 40years, albeit a drummer. But that does give me the luxury to sit back and watch peoples reactions to music.

When you play in bands, it is critical in a quiet situation not to start off too loud. I'm not talking Rock Concerts here, I'm talking about easy listening music, where you don't need to make a big statement from the outset, but slowly move your audience to the required level.
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Jan 20 09 2:52 PM

Hey Frank,

I think I didn't understand you correctly when you introduced this issue to me using IM. The public version of the mod doesn't contain intro movie at all. Our early internal versions had one, but was just WIP and was finally discarded. May be you still having that video in your movie folder.

Other members reported these spelling mistakes in that video, but as it was no longer being used we never corrected it.

Thanks anyway for trying to help to improve the mod

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