Apr 5 09 1:54 PM

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...or should i say unnatural chassis "roll".

So when i first tried GTL, and went out on track, in every car, when viewed from cocpit, cars rolled in corners wierdly, especially when going over a kerb. But then i discovered when setting the "World movement" option to 100% this unnatural movement is gone.

And then one day this fantastic mod comes, and again, same issue. But there is no "World movement" option in rFactor... I found it in .plr, copied setting from GTL plr file, but nothing. Then i tried to compensate with alot of head movement, which i like to have only small amount, but it didn't help, it masked it a bit, but added too much overall view movement. So i went to dig arund folders... Found "HISTORICFIAGT.cam" file.

Checked it's cocpit section, just some numbers... Didn't know what to do with those, so i went to compare them with few other mods. I spotted that all other mods for
OrientationRate" value use this:

"OrientationRate=(999.000000, 999.000000, 999.000000)"

and that historic Gt uses this:

OrientationRate=(35.000000, 35.000000, 25.000000)

I edited the .cam file with the "999" setting and it did the job!!

But there is one thing... Will this introduce mismatches?

Also my suggestion is that in some future releases you edit this because imo this is waaaay better then default...