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Apr 29 09 1:03 PM

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If you're used to work in 3D Max or other modelling software to create the mapping of your model, you already know that unless you use textures with 1:1 proportion (1024x1024) sometimes is not that easy to control that the proportion of the mapping is correct.

3D Max includes a checkered pattern which can be applied to control the proportion of the mapping if you are going to use 1:1 textures, but is not meant to be used to map using textures with other proportions.

To make things easier the life of those of you who want to map the objects in textures with a 2:1 proportion (ex: 2048x1024) you can do the following:

- Download the following image:


The box, circle and text i added to that image will allow you to see easier if the mapping is correct or not)

- Create a material, and load the image you downloaded as diffuse map.
- Increase the tiling size of the diffuse map for both U and V axis, but always doubling the value of U. So, if you set a value of "10" for X, use "20" for U.


- Apply the material to your object. If these squares or circles don't look as they should, but look more rectangular or elliptical that means you have to correct the mapping.

So, that's it

In the case you want to map a texture using a 1:1 proportion (for example 1024x1024) do exactly the same, but tile the texture using the same value for both V and U axis.

ps. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll know it when you get the mapping tutorial I'm finishing ;)


For those of you who want to use a pattern like as a texture base for your work in progress models you can also use the following images as textures:

Circles/Boxes/Text pattern (2048x1024)

Circles/Boxes/Text pattern (1024x1024)

Hope they will be handy ;)

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