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May 8 09 7:03 AM

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How do I turn off and uninstall the Historic UI? It's been asked before, but it's not been fully answered. I found the UI-switcher .bat file and executed it, but it still has a Historical UI.

Please take no offense. I love the cars... which is exactly why I downloaded the Mod. But I don't want a standalone installation and I don't want a new interface. I happen to LIKE the slick rFactor interface. I just want to drive the cars... which is the whole point isn't it?

I have several sims, including GTL and rFactor. rFactor is by far my favorite, but GTL is old, the graphics show their age, and its life-expectancy is zip, so your Mod is a real gem!

Your installer offers a simple option to enable/disable the installation of the RealFeel plugin, but there is no option to NOT install the UI. Frankly, it's a reasonable option to have.

Please, how can I uninstall the User Interface after the fact?
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May 9 09 5:17 PM

May I ask you if you've tried the latest UI update available HERE? it improves it and is much more user friendly.

If you want to use the ugly rF default UI just copy the files you'll find inside a common rF UI folder to UIData/Historic GT folder. That should be all.

Being the guy who developed the UI I respect your opinion, but there're several reasons to have a custom UI in this mod, some of that are:

- the idea was this mod to be almost a sim itself not just a mod;

- because it has many features rF's default doesn't have

- because most of the users prefer it to rF's default one due the immersion it adds.

No offense anyway


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May 9 09 7:26 PM

Hello Rantam. Thank you for your response.

Yes, I loaded the complete package and I ran the latest UI, and it is very nice, and I like it, just not as my full-time general rFactor interface.

Here's my issue: I am new to sim racing... only about a month. I picked up several sims (GTL, GTR2, rFactor, and GRID) intending to choose a good one that has a future and stick with it. rFactor qualifies in spades in that regard. What sets rFactor apart from all the others is it's "community-developed" flavor. This also means it will have staying power and future longevity.

rFactor's general method of operation, and its big attraction, is that you can add cars, trucks, and all sorts of other vehicles, and tracks, and just drive them! With other sims, as far as I know, you are restricted to what came in the box.

GRID seems pretty good, but it's not a full sim, and GTL and GTR2 are already at their "end-of-life", something I didn't know until AFTER I bought them. I bought GTL because I grew up with those cars, and eventually owned (and sold) a couple of them. But GTL is so thoroughly outdated for the modern PC that it will have to stay on my shelf.

Enter the Historic GT Mod for rFactor. Problem solved in terms of getting to drive and experience the classic cars. I can now drive the cars of my time, and run them on a modern platform.

But I feel the UI goes a bit too far because it is tightly-coupled to the use of the cars. It changes the interface for ALL of my cars in rFactor, not just the Historical cars. The UI forces a "transport in time" back to the 60's in order to drive the cars. It's nice, and it's cool, and it works great, but it's simply not what I want in terms of ALL of my cars. And I don't want a second install of rFactor.

As a long-time software product developer myself, I am here to tell you that adding flexibility (optional UI installation) to a package only adds to its popularity, never detracts.

One other question: I haven't looked, but when in the garage, can I install modern-day upgrades to the Classic Cars, like radial tires for example, or better brakes?

Here's why I ask: If I actually owned one of these cars today, there are generally two modes for me to enjoy that car: Enter the car into classic-car contests for judging, earning points and awards and pride, or simply driving the car around town on nice days. They are somewhat mutually exclusive. I am more inclined to keep the car as a "driver", and that means I am going to use, for example, radials instead of bias-ply tires, and maybe a modern hot ignition, and better brakes, all for reliability and safety. If I were going to take the car to the track (against my better judgement), I would certainly do those things. These improvements don't detract from the value or experience of the car at all, and besides, we always save the original parts.

You have done excellent work!

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May 10 09 11:29 AM

Hi again

well, it's quite strange that you say that the HGTTC custom UI is applied to other mods also, as it's created just to be applied to HGTTC.

Not sure if you already know that, but you need to restart the game if you select other mod to play, as rF UIs are loaded ONLY when the game starts, and not if you select a new mod. So, if you have HGTTC loaded and change to a F1 mod, for example, you'll need to restart the game to load that F1 UI. That's all

About upgrades, there're some available, but they are mostly focused on controller settings more than in car improvements. Keep in mind we have a lot of different cars and to create upgrades for them, with the proper quality (and testing), is very time consuming.

For the moment there aren't different types of tires to chose. But in the future, Who does know? We still working on physics

Lot of thanks for your comments. Hope you have fun with the mod!

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May 10 09 3:56 PM

Hmmm, well now I am thoroughly confused about how rFactor works. I was under the impression that you just download cars and tracks, and ran them in rFactor. There are, literally, hundreds of cars available for download. Are you saying that ALL of them change the UI other than just being added to the list of available vehicles and tracks?

Admittedly, the Historic GT Mod is the only Mod I've downloaded and inserted.

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Feb 10 10 1:39 AM

Admittedly, the Historic GT Mod is the only Mod I've downloaded and inserted.

Well i would say it's the only one you need.. After this rFactor seems to be a mod of Historic GT ... ;)

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Feb 26 10 7:37 PM

Sorry if this is a bit of a bump but I can answer the question ramrodd had. You need to edit the HISTORIC GT.rfm found in "rfactor/rfm"

In this code.

// Game/Season Info:
Track Filter = * // this filter allows any track
Vehicle Filter = OR: HISTORICAL_FIA_GT GTC_65 GTC_TC_76 TC_65 HIST_FIAGT_ADDONCARS LM-72 906cup Coppa_mille morris1310 L911Cup
SafetyCar = 0002.veh

Matchmaker =
Matchmaker TCP Port = 39001
Matchmaker UDP Port = 39002
RaceCast Location =

Max Opponents = 96 // maximum opponents in practice/quick race/grand prix/championship
Min Championship Opponents = 6 // minimum opponents in championship only

HelmetsDir=GameData\Helmets\HISTORIC GT\
MusicDir=Music\HISTORIC GT\

This line you simply add the comment // slashes in front.


Then if you remove the HISTORIC GT.tga it removes the restart postit

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