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May 19 09 9:57 PM

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Hi! I have a question: What´s the recommended poly count for a rFactor vehicle?
Let´s say: how many polygons the Historic GT Cars have? I know that it can vary however a aproximate number will be useful to me.
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May 19 09 10:24 PM

Well, that depends on many factors. But I think the optimal is around 15000-25000 polys (including wheels), for a high res version.

8000-10000 body
1000 cockpit outside view (and that's even too much)
1000-1500 x 4 for the wheels. But it's better to use less polys here and use them in the body
Apart we have the body details (wipers, mirrors, etc), driver and the collision model.

And then 4000-5000 cockpit in the inside view, but this number may vary and is not so important, as the player just load one cockpit. In some of the cars we're creating from scratch we have very high detailed cockpits with around 20000 polys, and rF can move them smoothly without problem. But it's better to optimize that as much as you can.

Hope all this will help

BTW, are you planning to create a car? if it's something historic don't hesitate to contact us if you want to collaborate with us


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May 20 09 1:06 AM

Thanks! Very useful info and very detailed.
The model is a Fiat 128. It´s a very well known street car here in Argentina. My plan is to model a "zonal race car", that runs on dirt circuit.
The model is on the way!

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May 20 09 1:49 PM

Great car!

for those who never heard it

here in spain we still have some great SEAT models from the old glory days of SEAT when SEAT was a brother of FIAT not like now owned by VAG group.

here they was and still are some SEAT/FIAT 128 but is not the same car


my favourite ever is the SEAT 1430 FU

sorry for the offtopic....

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Aug 23 09 7:40 AM

Ok, the Fiat 128 has been left aside. But I´m working on 5 new cars, the first: a Peugeot 504 from TC 2000 '79 from Argentina.

Here is my WIP model (there´re some parts that needs refinement, and is not complete):


And here is the original car


Hope you like it!! I have a lot of work to do yet

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Oct 30 09 6:52 PM

yeah ! Looking awesome !
nice looking seat 128 , long time ago i've seen those!


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