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Jul 19 09 6:49 PM

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If you're a new user of 3DMax you will probably face (or may have already faced) the following problems:

- Why do the textures of my model look so blurry in Max?

It's just because you need to configure your GPU driver properly in Max. Go to Customize / Preferences /Viewports / Configure Driver. Then change the texture resolution to the highest and enable the "Match Bitmap" checkbox. Also use linear/linear mipmaps.

-Why can't I move, rotate, resize, etc my model/object anymore? The transform gizmo has been replaced by the three axis.

If you're trying to do such thing but you can't you've probably disabled the transform gizmo. Press "X" key to enable/disable it.

-Why is a box appearing instead of the model/object everytime i try to rotate or transform it?

If that occurs simply press the "O" key. It enable/disables the "adaptive degradation toggle".

-Why doesn't the selection box appear anymore? It's difficult to know which object is selected.

Press the "J" key to show/hide the selection box.

-Why can't i select a different object? Selection seems to be looked in a certain object..

Press "Spacebar". That locks/unlocks the selection.

-How many materials are available?.

You can use as many as you want, but just be sure you don't repeat material names. Otherwise you'll be limited to see 32 in the material editor view.

- Why can't Max load/use .dds textures if I'm running Windows Vista/Windows 7?


Hope this will be useful for the new kids on the block ;)

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#1 [url]

Aug 9 11 1:38 PM

error allocating mesh. insufficient memory available for: mn

I am trying to load textures in 3DSmax but I am getting an error trying to load the texture

error allocating mesh. insufficient memory available for: mnode reduce the face count to render this scene

has anyone got any clues how to fix I have 2gb ram and windows XP and Radeon 5450 Graphics card

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#2 [url]

Aug 9 11 4:18 PM

Try doing this:

Rantam wrote:
... It's important to say that you have to increase the memory used for max when you import. If you don't do that you hardly can import complex models with textures, etc.

To do that go to "Customize" menu, "MAXScript" tab, and increase the initial heap allocation value. I have set 25,5MB and I can import almost everything without memory problems. ..

Original thread ->

If that doesn't solve it then it may be that you don't have enough RAM in your system. Try reducing the objects of the scene or reducing the number of textures used.

Hope that helps.


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#3 [url]

Aug 10 11 11:20 AM

Thanks Rantam, tried that up to 1000 still same problem, i am only trying to load mirrors by themselves at the moment I though 2gb of ram would be enough for that obviously I have no hope with my system at that rate if ram is the issue ? But then again I am only noob to 3DSmax and maybe I am just doing something wrong or the program isn't set up right.

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#4 [url]

Aug 10 11 11:29 AM

Is it possible that is not installed correctly ? if I go with nothing loaded and go to material editor choose standard then and then select gmotor material if I then select gtex and choose the bitmap 3dsmax then says an error has occurred and the program is shutting down.

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#5 [url]

Aug 10 11 11:31 AM

If you're just trying to map the mirror's texture properly then you shouldn't have such problem. When I started learning Max i also had a PC with 2GB RAM and i didn't have such kind of problem, in fact i could load more complex models.

But when do you get that error? when importing the .gmt of the mirrors into Max? I don't understand why you get that error loading a texture.


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