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Oct 18 09 12:55 AM

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if you try to use 3DS Max 8 and Windows 7 (or Vista) you'll see there's some issue to load .DDS textures for your materials.

The issue:

- If you open a model which already had .DDS textures these objects will appear as black

- If you try to assing a .DDS texture to a material you'll get this error: "Error creating Direct3D device."

The solution:

- Go to /3dsMax8/stdplugs/dxplugins and move dds.bmi and dxDDS.bmi to /3dsMax8/stdplugs/

After that, if you start Max you'll get some error related to these files (path duplicated or a warning saying that the file can't be loaded from the old location), but you will be able to load and use .dds files now.

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