Nov 16 09 8:53 AM

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Hi there,

some times you may find that when you export an object from Max the faces are flipped. In Max they might look fine, and also if you check them with 3DSimEd, for example. But in game they appear flipped.

Other times the faces don't look flipped, but seem to reflect the light on a very odd way once you're looking them in game.

What you're having there is basically a problem of flipped faces/normals :cool:

This usually happens when you've used the mirror function available in Max. The original object will have correct normals, but the resulting clone will have the issue.


Go to the utilities stack of Max, and add a new utility called "Reset XForm", as it doesn't appear by default there).

Select the object with the problem and apply the Reset Xform utility. It will added to the object as you see Collapse it afterward (clicking right mouse button on it in the stack).

Now let's see if the normals are correctly oriented. The best way to check it is to convert your object to an editable mesh. Once converted activate the polygon/triangle subobject mode. You'll see there's an option there to "Show normals". A perpendicular line will appear in each polygon/triangle showing you the direction of the normal (you can set the length of that line if you needed it).

Now you only have to flip those faces which aren't correctly oriented using the "Flip" button you'll find down in the stack.

Export the model to see if now the faces are correctly oriented (they should!).

As always, is more complex to explain it properly than doing it. Any doubt just let me know ;)


Ps. I'll add screenshots in a near future