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Mar 17 10 6:09 PM

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I would like to know this...

I ve got one object - for example engine
I mapped it in one texture
but I want to have more materials here, because I want different cube maps for some parts, different maps for some pars (one part can be completely without shaders, other should have specular, map, bump map etc.) is it better to have more textures (even with lower resolution), lets say one for each material or I can have one color texture for whole object, but different materials??? Thank you very much for answer...

PS: if I use specular map, not aplhachannel. What exactly that specular texture do? Is it about brightnes of object or is define cube mapĂș "strenght"??

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Mar 17 10 7:25 PM

Hi there,

you can have as many materials as you want, using all of them the same diffuse texture (that is the painted textured) on their selected shaders. Of course, these materials can use different shaders. So there's no need to have one texture per material.

For example, in the Aston Martin DB4 Zagato I have these two materials (among others) in the cockpit:


- Shader: Cube Map Specular Map Add Greascale Reflect T0
--- Color Texture:
--- Specular texture:
--- Cube texture:


- Shader: Specular map T1
--- Color Texture:
--- Specular texture:

As you see both of them use the same color texture, but have different shaders.

Of course, you have to map these two objects on different zones of that same texture, but you already know it

About the specular map, it determines how much light a material reflects. So for example, a shiny porcelaine surface reflects much more light than a rough rock surface one.

The cube map, in the other hand, is the image reflected by a surface. For example, if you're in front of a mirror, what you see in the mirror is the bump map. If you look to a car's door, for example, you'll see the surrounding terrain reflected on the door. So that terrain is the cube map.

Hope this will help


I suggest you to take a look to any of our cars to see how the textures are organized, and try to reproduce a similar structure.

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