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Aug 18 07 2:02 AM

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I think it could be interesting to record the presence of the mod in other Internet sites.

Here we go:

- Thread at RaceSimCentral forums.

- Mod's page at rFactorCentral.

- Precision SimRacing (In spanish)

- 2008 April's Autosimsport issue (vol 4, number 2). Page 10.

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Posts: 9,528 Site Admin

#7 [url]

Jun 27 12 12:02 PM

Merci beaucoup, GTL shift

My knowledge of french is a bit limited but it's enough to understand most of the article. I really appreciate you took the time to write it, and I'm sure the rest of the team also does it.

Just one little thing: you post there a link to the french version of the manual, but it's the one we did for v1.01

Despite v1.9 has quite a lot of things in common with the older v1.01 we don't recommend following the instructions of that manual when installing/using v1.9.

Until we find someone willing to translate the newer version to french we strongly recommend using the english version. That will avoid confusion and issues during the installation/configuration.

Enjoy the mod!

Kindest regards

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#8 [url]

Jul 2 12 1:05 PM

Thank you for your kind answer. I'll put few word for the manual and the 1.01/1.9 version of it. Thank you for these explanation. :welldone:

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