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May 21 10 12:34 PM

ODS-SdP wrote:
I tried just one thing : it not necessary to rename every material in "6" in the .gmt files

For the Elan, I have add a tipo 7 folder and put the headlights and all the xxxx"3" .gmt files in it.


Changed just the xxx"3" .dds files with the new color, and it works.

I think that changing the search folder in the spinner.gen file will cause online mismatches ? or not ?

humm, works, works, not really

In the garage it's ok, but on track, the original "3" rims are on the car | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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#22 [url]

May 22 10 7:20 AM

I think I found where it hangs...

This works, a long as there is no other car using the same texture.
If I'm alone on track with "luce6" and "___style3" rims, it's OK.
But when other cars are on track with the "standard" style3 rims, then my car is also getting the standard "style3" rims :/

I wanted to change the texture in the .gmt files, but I had a new problem.

In some cases it's easy to find which .dds is related

In this case, I changed from to


But how can we now which .dds is behind this (3, 300, 301, 302 ???)

When we click the button, the old value dispear, no chance to catch the old value. | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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