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Jun 3 10 2:59 AM

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I know this is not the area for applause but I have to say, this is one of the best rFactor mods I have ever had the pleasure of racing. Thank you for it's creation. Although I would never part with my GTL disk it is great fun to drive those cars with my friends who only have rFactor. Thank you.

I do have a question concerning skins. One of my race mates who has had his run with GTL would like some skins painted for GTL swapped over to rFactor.

I have extracted all the custom skin .dds files required from GTL however as you probably know the templates used between the two games are completely different.

Am I looking forward to many nights of manually swapping over the skins or is there a program of some kind that can do this automatically?

I have searched on the web however that has proven to be futile

Many thanks in advance and again thank you for Historic GT & Touring

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Jun 3 10 3:13 AM

Hmmmm, I just had another look tonight and at least for the templates appear to be the same

I must have had one too many last night, my apologies

Please disregard my question, I will try some skinning tonight

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