Jun 11 10 2:29 PM

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I have a little issue with the Elan

In some cases, the rear light doesn't work, despite that the brake light works fine.

I guess that this comes from the genstring, but cannot found what I'm doing wrong.

The genstring combinations I found:

1. o o rear lights + front standard light (upper front lights) : needs extra4 + extra7 and genstring=1...21

2. o o rear lights + front lower lights) : extra6 + extra 7 and genstring=3...22

3. <> <> rear light + front upper lights) : extra4 + extra 7 and genstring=2...11

4. <> <> rear light + front lower lights) : extra6 + extra 7 and genstring=4...12

I have an Elan with with rounded rear lights and upper front lights.

But ..

Rear brake lights are OK


Front lights are OK


But no rear lights


If somebody know how to solve this...

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