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Aug 5 10 4:15 PM

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Hello. I have a little problem, and I'm somewhat puzzled by it.

I'm converting for personal use some old skins from GTL that I converted before to GTR Evo without problems, and some of those cars are not showing in game.

Problems are with one Capri (but other Capris work ok) and two Escorts (and again I converted escorts without problems).

I have changed names accordingly in DDS and in VEH, and everything seems correct.

Is there any obvious thing beside skin names and VEH file that I'm missing?
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Aug 5 10 6:24 PM

Got it working. I had very easy names, like ", 72.veh, 64.veh" etc.

Changing in all instances "64" for "c64" and "72" for "p72" did the trick.

Maybe these names were taken elsewhere, I guess that was the problem.

Also Capri had same team name as a BMW CSL.

I thought it could be of use posting this.

Everything working now! Thank you!

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Aug 6 10 6:54 AM

To check number that appear twice, there is an easy way.

Launch rFactor in trace mod. Example: C:\games\rFactor\rfactor.exe -trace=5

Then, rFactor will create a file named trace.txt in your LOG folder (Example : C:\games\rFactor\UserData\LOG\trace.txt)

By Opening this file with an text editor, you can easy identify what's wrong.

Example, if you find a line like this (not sure that is exactly the right sentence, but should not be far from this)
slot.cpp 439: Vehicle Could not load GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\HISTORIC GT\HISTORICAL FIA GT\TC-65\CORTINA\2004\901\901.VEH

Then, you just have to check the cars that cannot be loaded by the game and change there numbers.

That's it ;) | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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