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Aug 11 10 9:17 AM

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Hi all.

I want to show you a very useful tool in the texturing, which I use myself.
All basic tutorials you can found here:

Interface of this tool almost like Photoshop. It is very easy to learn, but allows you to forget about texture borders. Paint directly where you want.
Try to combine with photoshop via export painted layers from 3d coat.

Good Luck!


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#3 [url]

Aug 11 10 11:43 PM

Thanks indeed for the suggestion, will take a look to it ;)

My way to create textures are:

- Rendering them and editing with an image editor.
- Create them from real pics, editing them with an image editor.
- Create them from scratch with an image editor.

Deciding which one to use depends on what i need to create


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