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Aug 17 10 5:08 PM

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I am making a car for rFactor and have stumbled across a huge issue.

The car is OK in the spinner and on track, however when I get to certain points on the track, the car seems to hit them. These points are as follows:

Pit exit
Sector 1,2,3
Start and finish markers.

Now if you have ever built any tracks you know that these are boxes placed on the track, it seems my car is hitting them.

It is not the track either, it happens on every track but only with my car.

Few more details:

The cars GEN file is not finished, it only has the wheels added and the other objects are all added in the first section.

I have tried changing physics files, HDV's and everything else but it still happens.

I have also removed objects and it still happens.

With your wide modding knowledge and variety of skills I was wondering if anyone has a clue what is going on.

Thanks for your time,



I have since solved the problem. For anyone experiencing the same issue the fix was below:

I missed this line from the bottom of the GEN file:


That was it!
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