Oct 23 10 12:27 PM

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HistorX mod team is a group of dedicated and passionate people from all around the world, focused on the development of a free classic cars simulator, using as base rFactor, a racing simulator developed by ISI (Image Space Incorporated).

Our first release was Historic GT & Touring cars for rFactor, a free modification (mod) for rFactor (racing simulator). Part of it used as base Simbin's GTL models, but the rest was developed from scratch, trying to get a accurate & realistic historic racing simulation.

Of course we love classic cars, racing cars and motor sports in general, and some of us are owners/drivers of these cars or are involved in racing competition on different ways.

Sharing the same goal, the HistorX team member profile goes from 'newbies' to well-known & respected names in the simracing community.

If you would like to help us or you're a modder/modding group interested in collaborating with us please contact us. We're always glad to collaborate! ;)