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Mar 4 11 2:32 PM

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Hi all,

In our league, we authorize the drivers/teams to use there standalone cars/skins. But, I receive many of them where the .veh file is wrong.
Sometime 1 parameter, sometime wrong combinations (LHD/RHD) etc...

So, I decided to write a program that is able to check the content of each .veh file according to the rules that applies.

I found a lot of issues in the HGTTC cars, but that's not the topic.

I'm quite finished with the program but I have some issues that I cannot manage.

1. The Lotus ELAN

What is the real length of the genstring ? I check of 9 digits, but at least 1 car is on 10 digits. Is it specific for this car or is the 10th digit to delete ?

The car : GTC-65 ELAN 2006 711 06711.veh

Extra files.
in the .veh comment , it's indicated that if the 8th digit = 2 (covered) it will use an "extra6" file.

But many cars with this digit = 2 dont have this file
GTC-65 ELAN 2004 602 602.veh
GTC-65 ELAN 2004 603 603.veh
GTC-65 ELAN 2004 653 653.veh
GTC-65 ELAN 2005 608 walker.veh
GTC-65 ELAN 2006 608 walker06.veh
GTC-65 ELAN 2006 655 elanV655.veh
GTC-65 ELAN 2006 657 elanV657.veh
GTC-65 ELAN 2006 703 elanV703.veh

Are really the extra6 file missing or is it an error in the .veh comments ?
What should I do ?

2. The Cortina.

I have some issue with the car CORTINA and CORTINA_LHD and cockpit combination.
According to the cockpit file, the following cars should use CORTINA_LHD.hdv and not CORTINA.hdv

TC-65 CORTINA 2004 901 901.veh
TC-65 CORTINA 2005 702 702.veh

I that an error in the mod ? should I fix this or just treat these cars as exemptions in the program ?

3. The Porsche 911

I do not really undersand the 6th digit of the genstring.
As shown in our wiki there are many cockpits available, but are some cockpits only for some cars (S,ST, ...) ? or can each car use any cockpit ?

Also an "error" found in the GTC-65 PORSCHE 911S 2005 05705 05705.veh

According to the .veh comment, if the 6th digit is 9, extra1 and extra 2 files should exist. They don't.

Thanks in advance for the help. | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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Mar 5 11 8:29 AM

i have taken a look to the 1.01 version ..


genstring with 9 digits , you can delete the last digit in the car who have 10

there is a error in the .veh comment

digit 9 is for headlights, not the 8, 8 is for rearlights.

Cortina: yes , we did a mistake in those .vehs not pointing to the right hdv, is not important, the only difference is the wheigt distribution due to the driver in left or right side , is not very noticeable

Porsche 911:

yes you can use any avalaible 911 cockpit for any 911 car, just remember to include the extra files when necesary

we forgot it in the 05705...

you will find a lot of missing extra textures , helmet and/or driver textures
in the 1.01 mod apart of typo errors in some textures

at least that is fixed for the new version , now we have a clean trace file..


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