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Jun 16 11 7:00 AM

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Just a quick "Hello" to all...

Only recently found rFactor and the joys of Historix racing, now i can't get enough.

I am wondering though, at rFactor Central there are pic's of camaros and plymoth cudas but they are not in the install.

Are they an extra add-on, and if so, wher could there be found please

Many thanks

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Jun 16 11 7:34 AM

Hi there!

No, these cars aren't available yet, as they're part of the new version of the mod we're preparing. You'll find more info about all the new cars, etc. at the Historx 2.0 version of this forum

Follow us on Facebook/Twitter if you want to get the latest news about 2.0 as soon as they're available ;)


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