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Sep 5 11 4:37 PM

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Options folder in rfactor i now i get that when i install historic mod
what i wonder is how/where did then modders find that rfactor could have options folder working and also what commands is possible that rfactor regognize so i can add to let a wav file play ?
i now spotter 2.17 have a lot sounds also that rfactor in race react to give a message just curious to now what command that is possible ?
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Sep 6 11 5:54 PM

sry i am not so good write english when i installed historic mod i get a new folder \rFactor\GameData\Sounds\Options an when i drive historic mod
i hear when drivers join server write in chat stuff like that
i just wonder how can rfactor react to play up the sounds in options folder
when someone write in chat ? must it be called special names to work/play up sounds ?

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Sep 6 11 9:53 PM

In this file: .../rFactor/rFm/HISTORIC GT.rfm there is a section called ConfigOverrides, which includes the line SoundDir=GAMEDATA/SOUNDS/HISTORICGT

So, when this mod is installed, rather than starting in Gamedata/Sounds, it starts in the Gamedata/sounds/historicgt

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Sep 6 11 9:58 PM

Ok, now I got it

It's quite simple. Rfactor is able to play sounds when some action is trigered (for example, when somebody joins a server or when you cross the finish line -so the spooter talks-).

A lot of them are hardcoded, so there's no way to modify the way the behave; you can only replace the samples. If you want to use yours simply replace rfactor's with yours, that's all.

Regarding the folder it depends on the sound you're talking about: the location of some of them can be defined in the .rfm file, or in the car's or user interface files.


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