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Jun 1 13 8:51 PM

I saw this programme from speedtv 'R U Faster than a Redneck' where Classic American Muscle Cars take on European and Japanese cars to answer the question, who's the fastest and thought I'm up for that challenge and I know the perfect mod for it. So am I faster than a Redneck over 3 laps of Brands Hatch? Watch and see.

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Jun 13 13 8:31 PM

Rantam wrote:
It seems that efnet stills enjoy fair but fun races with packed grids. Thanks for sharing! :)

The difference from the first to the last in the TC/2 is not greater than 1.5 seconds in every track of the season... smiley: rollsmiley: eek

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#572 [url]

Aug 21 13 8:25 PM

Great videos gerarg. Serious racing at efnet, as always ;)

Let's keep videos coming.  Historix FTW!   :P

Short clip of tempting Alfa GTAm around tight track:

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Nov 3 13 7:40 AM

Thanks Rantam. Sorry, one more here.

Taking in feedback received from the previous video, I made sure traction control was off for this run. Previous video had traction and stability controls set on Low which I didn't even realise. Noob! Anyway, with everything off (no digital displays either), the car is great fun to drive. I don't have grindy tranny installed though. It causes my system to crash.

Thanks to you and all the modders to make driving these cars and on these tracks possible.

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#579 [url]

Mar 10 14 7:43 AM

Hey guys! first post. Been playing this mod for years! and i love it!!!

Heres a video i made today. hope you like.
One of my friends was pit crew at winton on the weekend, so i thought i might do a race there.

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