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Dec 18 11 12:36 AM

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For years we've been developing the Historic GT & Touring car mod for rFactor. But now comes the moment of starting to think about the next step.

And of course the future is going to be HistorX 2.0.

But why haven't we called the latest version of the HGT&TC mod “HistorX v2.0” in the end?

Well, first of all, HistorX is in fact the name of the team behind this mod. Anyway, we understand “HistorX” is way shorter so in the end everybody tends to use it instead (even us). So Historic GT & TC 1.9 is the last major version of the mod which will use the “old name”.

Second, we never really said that the next big version for rFactor1 was going to be released as “v2”. That version number came from the community when they started to talk about the work in progress version of this mod. A new name was needed for it so that was probably a logical choice. We tried to avoid using it, and use instead simply “the next version of the mod”. But HistorX 2.0 was still being used everywhere, so eventually it became the name everyone expected to get when this version were finally released.

So if we decided to use HGT&TC v1.9 instead of v2.0 is because:

1. Despite this mod version is almost 100% new it’s still using the same engine: rFactor. So from a software development point of view it should be “v1.something”, not v2.

2. This is an “always in development” project. It’s huge, complex and could go on almost forever, because we always want to improve things and add new content. So, unless we set certain deadlines we would never release anything. That means that despite almost everything you’ll in it is considered as “final” some bits may not be 100% finished. Hope you will understand that as part of that “ongoing” development process, not really as a lack of attention to detail.

If it’s ever released for a new game engine (as rFactor2, for example), then you can expect such version jump

So, when the moment comes we'll let you know what you can expect from our next project, which of course will follow the path we've built with Historic GT & TC.

But in the meantime go to the Historic GT & Touring car mod section on this forum and get that mod. It's latest version is coming VERY SOON

We hope you really enjoy it!

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Dec 18 11 1:26 PM

I recently got a new computer and have been waiting for V1.9 to do a clean install; but after reading your post, it looks like I can go ahead and reinstall V1.011 and then put V1.9 into that install. Am I reading that correctly or would a clean standalone install be better for V1.9?
On pins and needles LOL

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Dec 19 11 11:02 PM

I am VERY excited about the immminent release, after all the hard work you guys have put in.

At Online Racing Australia we use HGT&TC 1.01 pretty regularly, and I've been hanging out to get my hands on the 'Trans Am' class since the first WIP pics were posted

Looking forward to our first event, and series, with v1.9 in 2012.

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Dec 23 11 12:54 PM

Not really, as we are saving 2.0 for rF2, where we will have to start almost from scratch regarding how we approach all aspects of the mod, to adapt ourselves to the new platform. ;)

"Do the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong." - Colin Chapman

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Jan 13 12 11:59 AM

HistorX-1.9 is a perfect war, but I think HistorX 2.0 for rFactor2 is an apocalypse for me

greetings Francesco
HistorX-1.9 on - Server, Forum, Community - german language ;)

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May 29 12 5:37 PM

Re: Where is HistorX 2.0?

Rantam wrote:
For years we've been developing the Historic GT & Touring car mod for rFactor.
I read this and just wanted to pop in a quick but HUGE Thank You for the years of work .... I have your mod set up on 4 PC's with 4 Momo wheels, and our "family game night" often includes family racing against 'The bad guys' ... Thanks so much fopr Years of FUN AWESOME RACING!

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#18 [url]

May 31 12 5:24 PM

Will Do! ... Funny little story that brought me to your AWESOME mod a few years ago ... Herbie the Love Bug! ...

We as a family had just watched all the Herbie movies in a row, one movie per night. Knowing the kids loved to race on NFS Porshe Unleashed, I wondered if I could edit a .dds to make a Herbie Skin ... a search for a Herbie skin led me to a Herbie skin for the VW addon mod. Now I had the car, I needed the sim and actual tracks the Herbie movies were filmed at and low and behold Historic X came up with some of the tracks and cars used in the Herbie Films!. Since then I have DL'ed pretty much ALL of the tracks where the Herbie Films racing locations were shot.

So we now race Herbie at most of the shooting locations and your mod provided the 'Bad guy's Jag clone I believe? ... It's very fun, and the kids like it that a push of the button on the wheel puts Herbie 'in control'. After the 'bug' wore off, in the end we found that racing the Mini Coopers is just right for family fun of all ages!

I have many racing titles , but I stopped looking after I found Historic X ... I love the feel, the feel, the feel! & the tracks, the cars, and how smooth it all runs with graphics cranked using Track IR 1920 x 1200 16x 16x .... AWESOME racing! So thank you for YEARS of great racing .. I'll never install another racing sim again. Why would I? Historic X has it all! ... well ... except for Version 2.0!!

Keep up the great work! We'll GLADLY wait patiently for the thrill of yesteryear racing at its finest!

I found the mp3s of the menu and actually listen to them while I race .. I know its wierd to hear the air wrench and garage sounds while we race, but I don't care .. it continues the authentic feel while we race. I love the Deep Purple, Hendrix! and that other one ... from a French Film about a race car driver? love that one too!

Pic of Family racing next time we sit down to it! - Thanks again! Darrin

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Jun 8 12 10:04 PM

well, ok, I have installed other racing sims, but only to find out they aren't as fun, accurate, detailed or run as smooth ... the fails I have installed played a couple times and abandoned are: Arca sim, Crashtime for cobra, Nascar simracing, Swga Rally Revo, and Richard Burns Rally ... all pale in comparision to the overall fun factor and oldschool overall racing 'feel' as HistorX ... I always come back to running it because it surpasses all others ... I stopped looking .... Why look for anything else when you all ready have the best of the best? - I have a couple buddies who ask me to invite them over just to play your mod!

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