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Dec 20 11 8:48 AM

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Hi, I'm new at this place. Thanks to many interesting information about modeling and texturing. You are doing great job.

I have small problem with texturing. Because I use Maya on Mac and I can't use 3DSMAX I looking for any help or links to any information about how to texture in maya for rfactor. I know how to make textures and assign in maya but rfactor has little different type like gmotor materials. In 3dsmax is no any problem with all development tools from ISI. Unfortunatelly no similar tools for Maya. Do you have any expirience or tutorials? I've tried use google but this topic is not good covered.

I'll be very thankful for any information.

Best Regards

PS. Sorry for my english skill, I hope you will undersand my thoughts.
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Dec 20 11 1:14 PM

Don't worry, your english is more than good to be understood

I don't really know if i understand what you say. I mean: if what you want is exporting your models to rFactor then you have a problem, because Maya can't do that. You have to use another program able to convert a file exported from Maya to .gmt. But i'm not sure which one you can use as I'm not sure if they're available for Mac.

About making textures, it doesn't really matter if they're for rfactor, just for rendering or for any other game. You can create them with Maya/Photoshop(or any other image editing program) and export them to .dds or .tga so they can be used later in rF.

Not sure if that will be of any help...


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