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Apr 21 12 9:45 PM

Truth told I think that the reason car is sliding at such slow speed is because you are too heavy on the accelerator but I am not sure if I am thinking about same thing you are experiencing.

Anyway guys who made physics are constantly listening to suggestion especially of players who had experience with real counterparts of the cars included in HGT&TC so who knows maybe you have the point and the behaviour will be improved.

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Apr 21 12 10:54 PM

I'm not after an overal grip increase as I agree each car is different and has to be driven differently. Hitman and I are on the same page as far as the slippery tires at low speeds. We're not talking about no traction at the rear but no lateral bite at the front. Turn the wheel at 25mph and you get no turning from some of the cars. Again this could be from turning the wheel too far (this is where the lower steering lock helps) and the tires wont bite.
My comment about raising grip is best explained as "if they are not quite sure of the bite then side with more traction rather than less". There are always choices and even the opinions of former race drivers are all different.
I also agree about the traction increase if any would be minimal. Those cars did slide around a bit as I witnessed myself back in the day and they should be able to do the same in the game so don't think I want them to handle like a C6R.....

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#63 [url]

Apr 24 12 1:32 AM

Isn't the low speed oddity caused mainly by rFactor switching to the low speed tyre model (the pacejka model starts to break down at low speeds, divisors approaching 0 aren't a good thing)?

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Sep 22 13 10:56 AM

Guys, don't trust Goodwood videos, they do everything they can to make there cars faster, more powerful engines, lighter, much stiffer ride than in period, so.cmany different things so don't trust them

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