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Dec 31 11 5:04 PM

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Hi all,

I have a concern about the new interface... With the old one, cars were classified by teams.
So you were able to select a team, and in one team it was possible to choose a car.

In the new version of the mod, this selection screen doesn't exist anymore. So, how can we handle "team cars" when only the first "loaded in game" is visible and no selection screen to choose another one?

Let's show the issue with 2 screenshots:

Example : DP Racing Team cars. The DP racing team owns two cars of each model.
SdP drives the blue and yellow cars
VdP drives the blue and red cars

In the 1.01 version of the mod, we had this

So, each driver of the team was able to select his "car skin" to race

Now, in version 1.9, we cannot select anymore the second car (VdP car in this case)


Any idea how to solve this ? | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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Jan 1 12 11:07 PM

Humm, this is the case...

rFactor offers the possibilité to get team cars merged in 1 team selection (by using the same TeamName= value in the .veh file)

This works fine with all the mods I used and worked fine with the v1.01 user interface, but don't work anymore with the v1.9 interface.

It doesn't rely to standalone cars or not. | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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Jan 6 12 1:26 AM

Of course it's possible to explode all our team cars in single cars, but for some teams, we have 3 to 4 cars, multiplied by let's say 20-25 teams for some events.
That means that loosing the "team cars" function of rFactor would have a big impact on the car list which will become a very very long list like if we would add 60 to 80 different new cars :/
This team car groups is very usefull to avoid scrolling and scrolling and scrolling | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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Jan 6 12 2:55 AM

there is a way to do what you are asking for. I'm not sure on the specifics, but I know that several of the GT40's have this feature enabled, as do a few other cars.

the box to select the different skins is the one between the car info and the icons.

I remember seeing them when I was working on the new structure....


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Hugh Jarse

Posts: 753 Team member

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Jan 6 12 5:16 AM

Try using the category line in the veh for standalone cars. change it to DP RACING(or wahtever) on your standalone's , they should all show in the list under that.

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Jan 6 12 5:28 PM

NotLaw >
I didn't try this with the new version of the mod, but in the former one putting a skin in the skins sub folder was fine for the player, but the skin wasn't the same online and on the replay. The games used always the "root" skin, not the one in the subfolder.

So, let's say I keep the blue/yellow skin the the car folder ans put the blue/red skin in the skins subfolder (like the Sebring GT40 24L)

The consequence would be that :
- VdP would see his blue/red car during the race : fine
- I would see my blue/yellow car during the race : fine
But... the other players and the replay would only see the blue/yellow skin which is in the main folder.

Like written above, I didn't try that with this version, but I will test it this evening

Hugh Jarse > Yes, that's the proposal Rantam did (if I understood right) and it could be the only (but not the best) solution.

To be honnest, I cannot understand why you removed the Team Selection window (which is rFactor standard) in the new interface and kept only the car selection window. But if there is no other way, we will have to do it this way.

I will give a feedback about the "skin subfolder" online and replay results. If it work now, than it would be fine

Thanks for the replies guys ;) | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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#9 [url]

Jan 6 12 6:44 PM

OK, tested and it works

Compare to the former interface with team and car selection
better : just 1 car folder with 1 skin subfolder
worst : as AI, just only on driver name/skin available

But anyway, we will apply this solution.

One more time, thank you very much for the help, and of course for the great work on the mod.

PS : we're just working on some fixes like wrong fuel tank capacities (BEst example, the Cobra 289 with 40L fuel tank instead of 42Gallon/68Liters in race. | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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#10 [url]

Jan 6 12 7:14 PM

I was happy to quick

After some new test, this works if only the main skin change...

I tested with 2 cars where the the "extra* .dds are different". But it seems that only the main body DDS file is recognized in the Skins subfolder.


SdP car : Blue/Yellow => OK


VdP car : Blue/Red => NOK The yellow parts on the window (extra4) are supposed to be red
image | | ODS on Facebook | Grand Prix Historic ODS

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