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Jan 10 12 12:21 AM

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Thanks Guys for a great Mod !

Just one niggling problem on the sound replay's, anyone else notice
a small bleeping noise, as if something rubbing on the tyre ?
only hear it on replay's tried different car's and tracks.
I have a USB Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma works fine on all other games (Great Headset) and Historix's 1.0

Also changed sound from 32 samples to 16 still the same.

Really annoying as love the replays, can anyone help

Jochen Murph.
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Jan 11 12 2:44 AM

Are you referring to replays through rFactor or the exported files?

If it's the latter:
Could it be the background noise from the music folder? Try moving the files in ...rFactor/Music/HISTORIC GT to some other folder and try exporting again.

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Jan 13 12 11:06 PM

Yes replay's through rFactor with Historix 1.9.
It is actually a sound effect file, if i lower the sound effect from 100% to 0% it go's away.
But it only affects the drivers car not any other cars in the replay, it is as if something is trapped on the wheel arch and clicks as the wheel goes around.

Jochen Murph

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