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Feb 24 12 6:29 PM

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Its not something that breaks the game for me yet it would be nice to have a fix for it.
On the big spinner screen, I have very low fps 10-16 but if I lower the camera just a bit to render floor invisible my fps goes up to 50-70.
Its not a perspective change that causes raise in fps, neither it is amount of detail (when I lower camera and floor is invisible some elements are doubled yet the fps still raise) its something else but I have no idea what.
Animated notice small change in perspective but huge in fps.

Another bug is on the settup screen (the one that is accessible from the track) under basic tab.
Some letters are elapsing, again not a big thing, on the screen that is not used by anyone, I think but just in case you want to have everything fixed.

And this one is just a suggestion.
Normally when I chose a car I need to check safe rpm range for this car.
I often chose a car forget about checking rpm go to track only to return back to garage to check it.
It would be nice if you could see some car characteristic or at least safe rpm range from the ontrack settup screen.
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Feb 27 12 11:05 AM


first of all thanks for taking the time to give us that feedback

About the spinner I'm afraid i don't really know what is happening there...

Regarding the setup screen: you're totally right. I'll try to fix it for the next version of the mod.

About your suggestion of having engine info on the ontrack setup screen: I'm not sure if it's possible (it's long to explain, but you hace certain limitations that don't allow to do some things with the user interface), but I'll give it a try, because i think it's a good indea indeed ;)

Thanks once more for that feedback!


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Oct 3 12 6:40 PM

Rantam wrote:

About the spinner I'm afraid i don't really know what is happening there...

Small update on the issue.
Some time ago I encountered interesting problem in DragFactor mod in which all studebakers would crash if chosen in spinner and all the affected where XP users.
After some research I managed to fix this issue by removing shadows in spinner.
Then I installed Targa Florio which would always crash during loading and again it was an issue mostly for XP users and again I fixed this issue by removing tree shadows (I left other shadows because removing them wouldn't make a difference in performance)

Now I remembered all those problems with shadows, maybe there is something with XP and shadows in rFactor or maybe its my weak-ass GPU I am using now, in any case removing shadows once again fixed the issues (I removed everything but shadows cast by box and car itself so it wont appear floating) and now I have 50-60 fps in garage.
For people who had similar problem with fps while in garage here is a no shadow fix.

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