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Feb 28 12 3:55 AM

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Most likely a silly question with an obvious answer.
Is there a way to increase the volume of the in car tire sound, esp squeal on cornering.
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Feb 28 12 9:08 AM

(If you have Historix mod as a seperate rF install)

.... or tweaking up numbers in player file lines :

Helicopter Ambient="2.50000"
Vehicle Scrubbing VolMult="0.0002441408"
Vehicle Scrubbing FreqGrip="-0.25000"
Vehicle Scrubbing FreqSpeed="0.00195"
Vehicle Skidding VolMult="0.0004882812"
Vehicle Skidding FreqGrip="-0.25000"
Vehicle Skidding FreqSpeed="0.00195"
Vehicle Roadnoise VolSpeed="32.00000"
Vehicle Roadnoise VolMult="0.0000050000"
Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMin="0.80000"
Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMult="0.00391"

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Feb 28 12 8:08 PM

Firstly let me thank you guys for this brilliant mod & appologise for not opening with this in my first post.

I am assuming that is the user .PLR file.
I first saved a copy of mine & then changed those file lines.
Didn't notice any change in the audio, either inside or out.
Tryed it with the big Falcon on the Briar Track.
It spends a lot of time sideways on that.
Should I increase the numbers more or is there something wrong with my hearing.

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