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Mar 7 12 1:44 PM

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What stage is the patch? And that will contain the same? Only contains fixes or also contains more cars?
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Hugh Jarse

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Mar 7 12 10:20 PM

when its ready, yes, who knows, how about cutting us some slack, don't we deserve a rest at some point.
we do appreciate your bug finding , thanks for that.

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Mar 8 12 9:47 AM

YoShImUrA wrote:
We'll try to have it as soon as possible. Hopefully within the month ;)

Greats news ;)

We are trapped since your release, sorry for the rush to have updates ;)

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Mar 10 12 7:52 PM

Thanks for the praise, guys. We are working hard to get most of the stuff that needed fixing ready. ;)

"Do the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong." - Colin Chapman

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