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Mar 12 12 8:54 AM

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Hi Rantam!

I wasn't sure of the best place to say thanks, so I just picked a thread authored by you.

Thank you!

I completely missed the release date after waiting so many years! I got caught up making my real Camaro into a corner-carving GT monster. And I didn't even catch the new downloads when I checked in January!

Please pass my gratitude on to your whole team. All of your commitment and professionalism is greatly appreciated!

I know there are many like me who've dreamed their whole lives of driving such extraordinary cars, but will never have the opportunity. Driving a HistoriX simulation really is the next best thing, and it's so much better than staring at vintage racing magazine photos and searching endlessly for old footage on the web. Brilliant!

If you don't hear from me for a few months, you'll know what I'm up to.

Thanks! :thankyou: :driving: :banana: :excited: :bow:
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Mar 12 12 8:58 AM

Well, I'm very glad you're enjoying the mod so much. The rest of the guys will be very happy to read all that, I'm sure of that. Thanks for taking the time to come here and let us know

And I do agree: for those of us who usually don't have access to such nice cars, sims are a good way to relieve such hunger.

Ps. Decided to do a separate thread with your post. Was a bit off topic on the original thread, hope you don't mind ;)

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Apr 11 13 9:44 PM

Hey there,

I hope you remember me Rantam (well I'm member of many simrace sites, spam virtualr etc. lol) , I think I already made an account here but forgot credentials, anyway I'd like to thank you and the whole team again :)

I had some complaints initially when 1.9 came out, particularly about AI, but over time I have to say nothing comes even close to this mod as a whole, it is this mod which will make me play rf1 for few more YEARS :0)

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Apr 12 13 9:06 AM

Thanks for these nice words Osella!!

Regarding the AI, well that part is tricky... It not only depends on the parameters we set for the drivers and cars but on the ones set for each track also. Besides we have the inherent limitations of rF1 on that. But we think they're good enough to have some company and fun on the road if you prefer offline racing :)

We hope you'll enjoy the mod for a long time!!


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Apr 18 13 1:37 AM

Yeah I know well the AI is tricky... I spent over 100 hours on trying to make it good for the 37 mod but it's also dependant on track and .plr settings so it's always far from perfect. It's just some cars in hgttc acted strange when I first tried the mod, can't really remember now which ones but I think it was some slow ones like mini, anyway I just had bad luck and bad track I guess, most the time they're fun to watch and race.

But where this mod really shines is to take ANY car of the mod on Targa, no need for other cars on the track and just enjoy the ride. I bought a used 7950 two months ago so I can finally enjoy it to full detail, it's like a whole new experience again...

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Dec 18 13 3:50 PM


I just have to say to the whole team that I thank you so much, I spend so many hours with the pressure of a small business and after having rfactor / historx  only for a few months, I cant wait to get home and snatch a few hours on your mod. The physics bring these cars alive, i work with many similar real life cars and they behave in such a similar manner, I am totally obsessed. I recently read Neils suggestion to use 900 degrees steering wheel setting to catch those spins...... now it's even more fun!
I only have a Toshiba Satellite laptop plugged in to a flat screen tv and a driving force wheel and pedal set but it still gives total immersion for me. 
The key is definately practice, that pays dividends to the enjoyment.
Very happy and will donate...


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Jan 27 17 12:18 PM

I would like to thank everyone involved in making this mod.
Hard to learn at first, but then a lot of fun. It will make driving other mods and sims a lot easier.
The reality is close. -could still use more work. -Physics - racing tires not street tires.
I will enjoy this mod for a long time.

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