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Mar 23 12 5:19 PM

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How does the game know what .gmt file is the wheel, I've read everything but I don't see how it's going to know what gmt file is the car's wheels.

is there some file with values which i have to define to point to the wheels?
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Mar 23 12 10:46 PM

yes I've had a look now and I understand how it refers to all of the car's parts but It's all a bit much for me, I'm in over my head here.
I found a website which hosts .z3d models of cars which had been taken from forza 3 and I ported it over to max etc. But Really I have no idea what I'm doing.

It would be good if there was a template car which came with a guide as to how everything is set up, in detail and a guide to workflow, that's the trouble I always have with getting models into games is that I don't know where to start and there is never any solid information on it, so frustrating and it just reminds me why I gave up the time before.

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Mar 26 12 9:26 AM

Well, there's a lot of information on Internet about how to put a car on rFactor 1, as it has been around for some years now.

The best way of learning is taking a look about how others do it. Have you taken a look to ISI's Rhez car files? as far as I remember that car was used by ISI as an example for the community. There're a pretty good amount of comments in order to help people to know how the rF system works.


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Mar 27 12 1:13 PM

take a look at .gen files


all objects loaded inside those instances will be recognized as wheels by the game and will move as wheels.


those will be part of the wheels but will move only up and down with the suspension (brake pads, drums, etc)


you can't touch neither my wife nor my .gmts

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