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Mar 28 12 8:36 AM

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Here's what I've done so far, the model and most of the UV maps were already done by whoever made the car in Forza 3 but I've had to retexture everything myself.
That guide on baking the shadows in was very helpful, thankyou for that Rantam.


Just 1 more question for now...

I'm not sure how to set up transparency for the glass.
How should the image be set up in photoshop (alpha channels)?
When I save the .DDS which setting should I use?
When I create the material in 3dsmax, which shader should i use and what should I place in each slot?

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Mar 28 12 8:35 AM

If that comes from Forza I hope you will keep it private or will release it with some kind of DVD check... right?

About the texture:

- It should have an alpha channel, yes. Non transparent zones (stickers or banners) should be white in the alpha. Transparent glass zones shouldn't be totally black. I suggest something like RGB 172,172,172. Just do some tries and decide yourself.
- Save it as a DXT3 .dds file.

About the Material:

you may use different shaders for a window material. But a good one could be "cube map specular map T1" (you will need to have a cube map texture also).

Set the following shader's properties:
- In "Source blend" droplist set "Src alpha"
- In "Dest blend" droplist set "Inv Src Alpha"
- Activate the checkbox "Post-Shadow" also, otherwise the transparency won't work in rF.
- Emissive color should be black
- Specular color could be kind of grey, but we you may use a bit of blue with it to simulate crystal's color (RGB 185,200,200). Play a bit with that value until you find something you like.

Remember the window material must have WCWINDOW as name.

I strongly recommend you get a program like 3DSimEd. With it you'll be able to open any rF .gmt so you can check how every material is set (that includes the used shader and all its properties). It's very handy indeed when you're learning. There's a demo version, but you won't regret buying it. So get it and open some car which is already finished. You'll learn a lot about how to set materials properly


Ps. As the topic is no longer about the wheels I've created a new thread for window thing, so everyone can find it easily.

Kindest regards

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Mar 29 12 5:29 AM

Thank you so much! That is a huge help!

And yes I intend to keep this a private mod, People may request a copy when it is done but I won't release or advertise it publicly, this thread is probably the only place someone could find out about it. I respect how you you've made it necessary to have a copy of GTL to install your mod, but as Forza is a Xbox 360 only game I wouldn't have any clue how to make it check for an xbox DVD as I don't currently own the game.

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