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Jul 4 12 8:25 AM

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Yes Im an idiot, I didnt back up my PLR file before fiddling and somewhere somehow Ive turned off the option to restart a race. Im trying some new/long tracks right now. Im not sure Ive just never noticed it before but right now I kinda need to restart when I suffer a horrendous crash. If anyone can help me out with where this adjustment is Id be most appreciative. Thnx
(BTW I just said PLR, it could be somewhere else, Im not positive that the setting is in there or somewhere else)

Edit: I got it. I knew it was in there (.PLR file) somewhere. I was ctrl+f ing searching "restart", "Start", "reset", etc. - But its listed under "Exit Confirmation".
Im not sure why, but if you turn it off it turns off the whole "Esc" feature for restarting, or any of the other stuff on that menu. It removes the entire menu. So if this comes up again, or if you want to be able to just "ESC" out of a race without confirmation, theres your solution.
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