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Jul 10 12 5:00 AM

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Just a friendly reminder, efnetsimracing starts it's casual GP_37 races this coming Monday, at Silverstone!


This 4-race stretch will, as much as anything else, help us test the feasibility of this mod for a full championship season this Fall... As of right now, for example, the Alfa gets roughly double the gas mileage the Auto Union and Mercedes do... So while it's quite a bit off on lap times, we may end up with the problem we had in DRM with the BMW 320... Much slower, but will the advantage it gets from not needing gas actually EXCEEDS their advantage in speed? We'll have to see.

Our first race will be Silverstone. It's relatively simple compared to the other three tracks we'll run. If turnout is good, we'll attempt a 1 hr race with pit stops. If not, 30 minutes.

Please register on the forum and reply in the thread with your car selection.
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