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Jul 29 12 7:01 PM

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Hi. I've installed today the 1.95 update, and i noticed a problem with the Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Am '70 mirrors. Simply they are not mapped, i see the black texture with the red "C" letter on the middle. I made also a screenshot to show the problem.

(click on the image to enlarge it)

Edit: I think was a track related error. I tried the same car in another track and the mirrors are displayed withouy any problem.
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Jul 30 12 9:34 AM

I've actually had that on a few cars in different mods and on different tracks. The C is actually part of a larger picture, that has an outline with borders in red and three letters, each in their own sections: L, C and R. I'm guessing that's a sort of placeholdery thing for a mirror texture, the letters standing for Left, Center and Right.

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