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Jul 30 12 9:32 AM

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Like it says on the tin. All seems fine until you get in the car and try to start off, it just stays still. Can't fathom what the problem is though.

Only seems to affect the trmini.hdv ones, other ones work fine.
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Jul 30 12 7:32 PM

It seems to be a problem with the gears, this is what shows in the garage. Don't mind the actual numbers, I'd clicked the arrows quite a bit by that point without any effect:


Some have reported that substituting the trMini_lhd_gears.ini fixes the problem, though the only difference I can see between that and the trmini_gears.ini is that lhd has ratios along the lines of 10000,32000 and the normal one has ratios like 100,320. Same ratios, but put in a different way. Seems a bit weird.

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Oct 30 13 2:52 AM

nah,that fix hasn't worked for me, i took a quick peak in the mini lhd files and found that the gearbox file was set to the standard mini, changed that to go to lhd mini gearbox and still nothing, i can keep looking if you want, as jub has said the other mini's are pretty fine its just the 66' and 67' models that seem to be bugged, ill keep looking through the files though see if i can find the problem

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Nov 3 13 7:07 PM

It's one of the fixes that will be included in the next version of this mod.

Because there's going to be a new version of this mod, you know.. :)


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