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Jul 30 12 9:42 PM

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When I downloaded 1.9 I seeded it for a while with no problems, but then the trackers went down. I thought it was just because it had been so long, but then the problem happened immediately after downloading the 1.95 update.

The downloads go fine so something's being done right. Does anyone have any idea if there's some setting I can change?
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Jul 30 12 10:02 PM

First step is to make sure you're properly connected and set up for receiving connections, ĀµTorrent has some test tools for that. Other than that you can check the internet for firewall specific settings for torrent programs (worked wonders for my connections when I found ĀµTorrent specific settings for Comodo).

It might even be the ISP shutting you down after a while.

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Aug 3 12 2:38 PM

Thanks for the tips.

I enabled port forwarding, but that also depends on IP address of the connected device, so I also reduced the dynamic IP address range of my router, and give my PC a static address outside that range

The denis.stalker.h3q hostname is still not found but the other two are working.

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