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Aug 1 12 12:46 PM

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I've just installed historix 1.90 and add-on 1.95. Changing gear in the cockpit view causes severe disturbance in the graphics (literally like an earthquake) and renders the car uncontrollable for 5-10 seconds before the graphics normalize again. It's happened with all the cars I've tested so far so I guess it's not a car-specific problem. No problem in replay (if external camera) or from other views. Haven't noticed anyone else with this problem. Has anyone got any idea what's causing it?
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Aug 1 12 2:17 PM

See this thread:

Summary: It's an issue with the Grinding Tranny and the way it handles miss-shifts. To solve the problem go into controls in rFactor and assign the "Neutral" button to N.

Also means you're messing up your upshifts, apparently. =)

If you don't have a clutch pedal you should remove grinding tranny altogether.

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