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Aug 1 12 4:22 PM

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Hi guys, there are few probs with various Corvettes.

- the mipmap issue on '69 Corvette

I think that problem was in 1.90 as well. It seems it is the mask (spec) texture which causes weird stripes on cars.
I can try to fix it myself and then upload the fix here.

- the cockpit issue on C2 coupe vettes: there is still windscreen banner on the cars which don't have one.
Probably worth making a cockpit windows without banner. but there is an issue with /b prefix, I've already mentioned that. If the car has that /b in it's gen file, I have no clue which cockpit does it load up, because it still has the banner, but I'm sure the banner from that particular style of cockpit was removed.

- the shader issue on 74 vette. Well, yes it is fiberglass body, but it still shouldnt be that shiny. It looks so much shinier than other cars.
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Aug 1 12 7:26 PM

OK so the mipmap issue is happening only if you have opponent detail not on "full". My vid is capable to run it full, but i've still made the fix:

Also another issue is french vette skins (blue/white) are too bright. Probably more skin shading is required there.

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